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Whether you need to maintain optimal cell growth, ensure active pharmaceutical ingredient purity and yield, or confirm quality during fill and finish: our products are designed expressly to meet your needs across the whole bioprocessing workflow.

Data integrity: critical for biotech companies

Data integrity is paramount to ensuring the validity of the data and its analyses. An osmometer with integrated data management and integrity features helps biopharmaceutical labs to be compliant with regulations.

Scalable Solutions: Our offerings grow with your needs

From upstream to downstream: We work side by side with our clients to best meet their needs. The result: Osmometers that fit your requirements across the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets.

Osmolality applications: optimizing the bioprocess workflow

Osmolality is a critical parameter and delivers significant information across the bioprocessing workflow, from initiation of the culture system to the final product.


Osmolality is a valuable clinical tool used in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of many pathological disorders.

How clinical labs benefit from osmolality testing

In-house osmolality testing helps clinicians make more timely diagnoses, improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs for hospitals of all sizes and settings.

Knowledge Base

What is osmolality and how do osmometers work? Click below for insights into the basic concepts of our work.


Osmolality is a measurement of the total number of solutes in a liquid solution that is applied in clinical settings, bioprocessing and food analysis.

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An osmometer is a device for measuring the osmolality of aqueous samples: the concentration of solutes in a liquid solution.

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