Bioprocessing | Advanced instruments
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Our Solentim® portfolio of best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies and our OsmoTECH® line of micro-osmometers ​​help speed up the development of biopharmaceutical formulations and processes while ensuring the yield, purity, clonality, outgrowth and consistency. Advanced Instruments provides the tools to help create efficient, effective workflows – from process development to fill-and-finish.

Cell line development

From single-cell cloning and colony outgrowth to the establishment of a master cell bank, cell line development technologies from Advanced Instruments streamline the collection of evidence for credible IND submissions.

Osmolality Testing

Built specifically for the bioprocessing industry, our osmometers seamlessly integrate into both non-regulated and regulated GMP workflows, ensuring increased yield, quality and purity in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals.