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Cell Line Development

Our Solentim portfolio of innovative technologies is designed to accelerate and streamline cell line development workflows from initial discovery to scale-up, providing total consistency across the workflow and a 'double lock' of assurance for a successful IND submission.

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Assurance of Clonality: a key regulatory requirement for biotherapeutics

Ensuring clonal origin of production cell lines is a critical step in the manufacturing of advanced biotherapeutics. Innovative devices help increase the efficiency of the cloning process and bring image-based assurance of clonality.

Solentim VIPS™: a new frontier in cell line development

Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS) accelerates single cell seeding workflows while also ensuring clonality and driving discovery and development of antibody, cell & gene therapies, and iPSC-based studies.

Solentim Cell Growth Supplements: enhancing stable cell line development workflows

Next generation cell culture supplements are proprietary animal component-free and confer major growth and survival advantages within cell line development for CHO, HEK and iPSC cells.

A focused portfolio driving bioprocessing efficiency

The integration of Advanced Instruments osmometers and Solentim products for Cell Line Development offers customers a broad range of innovative technologies for optimizing their bioprocessing workflow.