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Cell Line Development for Biotherapeutics

Accelerating cell line development workflows from initial discovery to scale-up and manufacturing of new biological therapies.

An efficient development of stable cell lines is of utmost importance for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Across the entire workflow – from the isolation of single cells to the colony outgrowth, the selection of high-producing clones and finally the establishment of a master cell bank – every step must be monitored to ensure efficiency and consistency. Only an optimized cell line development strategy can ensure maximal productivity and provide high quality biotherapeutics to your patients.

Benefit from Advanced Instruments’ cell line development technologies

At Advanced Instruments, we’ve identified critical challenges in the cell line development workflow and adopted the Solentim portfolio of unique technologies and reagents that save time and advance your process while efficiently collecting credible key IND-enabling data. The result: You can find the optimal cell line and ensure clonality, whether the cell line produces the biotherapeutic or is the biotherapeutic.

Each of the Advanced Instruments’ technologies have been designed to streamline cell line development workflows, enabling high efficiency single cell seeding, whole well imaging and double assurance, as well as top clone selection through productivity and viable cell densities.

When you’re bringing a biotherapeutic to market, Advanced Instruments’ cell line development technologies give you key advantages providing consistent, data-driven and accelerated workflows.


Efficiently Ensuring Clonality

Move beyond limiting dilution methods to gentle, imaging-assured single cell seeding with the Solentim Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS™) instrument. Combining low-pressure single cell seeding with whole-well imaging, VIPS simplifies cell line development workflows while gathering credible data for IND submission.

Alternatively, you can image individual plates with the stand-alone Solentim Cell Metric® instrument. The Cell Metric captures and records whole well images at day 0 with daily imaging thereafter, thus delivering a clonality report that defines best practice for master cell bank production.

Accelerating Ranking and Selection of High Producing Clones

ICON™ is a single, multifunctional instrument that enables scientists to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier and more securely.

ICON™ uniquely combines titer, viability and productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS. This means you can track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the static cloning plate through different suspension cell culturing formats up to multi-parallel high throughput mini bio-reactors such as Ambr®, regardless of the different formats used and without risk of error.

Consistently manage, track and report your data using the Solentim STUDIUS™ platform

Eliminate a major challenge in cell line development: the time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone analysis of large volumes of data generated from different technologies in their own individual format. The STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem consistently manages, tracks and reports all of your data, reducing the time needed from days to minutes, enabling the fastest possible decision making, and bringing total consistency across the cell line development process. STUDIUS™ incorporates critical data from Solentim VIP single cell seeding, Cell Metric clone verification and colony outgrowth monitoring, and ICON cell IgG productivity assessments.

Ambr® is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG.