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Which Advanced Instruments equipment fits my needs?

An Advanced Instruments representative will support you to provide the right solution – targeted to your needs and regulatory requirements.

We will contact you at your convenience, in your language. Simply provide your contact details, and a country-specific representative will reply promptly to your inquiry.

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How can I order an Osmometer from Advanced Instruments in the EU?

We have a team of experienced sales representatives across each of the countries in the EU and will be able to assist you with the purchase at your convenience. Fill out our Contact Form, and a sales representative will contact you promptly in your language.

What support does Advanced Instruments offer after the equipment is purchased?

Whether you need technical support or training, general customer service, or you wish to make an additional purchase, we support our customers at all stages.

Where can I find documentation to support my instrument?

A full menu of information is available to you on our main pages: (https://www.aicompanies.com/user-documentation/)

Where can I find additional information about your products?

Our main pages will give you an overview of Advanced Instruments’ full range of Osmometers and additional information:

Do you have another question or request? Let us know:

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