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Our Vision

Advanced Instruments is dedicated to increasing productivity and ensuring quality in the bioprocessing technology, pharmaceutical, clinical and food & beverage industries.

With a focus on innovations that anticipate and overcome customer pain points, we help our customers deliver greater drug yields, better patient care and ensure food safety.

As we do around the world, our mission in the EU is to accelerate the development of sustainable, customer-centric solutions that enable the delivery of life-saving drugs and treatments, and ensure the safety and quality of the food supply with leading technologies. To achieve this, every Advanced Instruments product is supported by a local network of direct sales professionals, distributors and technical support.

Our Approach

Innovation to Optimize Outcomes

The work to improve health outcomes through drug discovery and development in biopharmaceutical labs can be a risky, labor-intensive business. Advanced Instruments knows that bringing innovative therapeutics to market in the EU and globally also requires innovations in supporting technology that can drive decision-making and simplify workflows.

While medical labs differ in size and capabilities, all share the goal of improving health outcomes by delivering accurate and timely patient results. But maintaining strict security and regulatory compliance can get in the way of fast turn-around-times. At Advanced Instruments, we’re thinking ahead to your next challenge, working on innovations to optimize your processes in the EU and increase efficiency, whether you focus on clinical chemistry, microbiology or hematology.

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Our Difference

Customer Centric: Serving You and Your Workflow

Advanced Instruments understands that your needs are unique, as are regulations and the combination of regulatory agencies and business environments that you work with – so we support you to make optimum purchasing decisions, in your language, as well as complete after-sales support to optimize your long-term results.

We recognize your focus on global data integrity: Whether meeting 21 CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11 standards, global GMP requirements, or more basically making processes accountable, Advanced Instruments supports your needs for standardization and creating concrete procedures to manage risk while managing technology and data.

Our Global Vision

Products and processes that work nationally and internationally

For over 65 years, Advanced Instruments’ focus on service, quality and reliability has produced innovative technologies that help improve the level of care, enhance productivity, and affect diagnostic excellence. We support researchers and clinical professionals in making their process entirely efficient, effective and reliable with the finest osmometers available.