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Osmolality Testing

Built specifically for the bioprocessing industry, our osmometers seamlessly integrate into both non-regulated and regulated GMP workflows, ensuring increased yield, quality and purity in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals.

Data integrity: a priority for bioprocessing companies

Data integrity is paramount to ensuring the validity of the data and its analyses. An osmometer with integrated data management and integrity features helps biopharmaceutical labs to be compliant with regulations.

Scalable Solutions: Our offerings grow with your needs

From upstream to downstream: We work side by side with our clients to best meet their needs. The result: Osmometers that fit your requirements across the bioprocessing technology and pharmaceutical markets.

Osmolality applications: optimizing the bioprocess workflow

Osmolality is a critical parameter and delivers significant information across the bioprocessing workflow, from initiation of the culture system to the final product.

Customer Story

Osmolality: a powerful tool in bioprocessing

To develop biologics, osmolality is a key process parameter, the team at The Center for Breakthrough Medicines offers insights on their work with the OsmoTECH® XT.

White Paper
Pharma & Bioprocessing: How Labs Achieve Data Integrity

Lack of data integrity is a key reason for breaching compliance in the Pharma and Bioprocessing Industries. You can prevent this by ensuring Compliance with Data Integrity.